In Italy they live life to the full. Passionate lovers of all things good and rewarding. Hearty hosts, vivacious to the last. Where family and brotherhood still mean everything. With flair for cooking and lust for life, Italians embody what human existence should be all about.

Villa Italia is built on this philosophy. It’s the life we should be living. Rich and colourful, emotive and unmistakeable. Those who know call it La Dolce Vita (the sweet life). Whet your appetite for this vibrant architectural feast. Experience the headiness of it, come savour the best life has to offer.

At Villa Italia you can really appreciate the sweeter side of life. With boutiques, shops and restaurants, nightclubs and entertainment venues at Century City, you are guaranteed to have a memorable time, no matter what it is you choose to do with your time!

Villa Italia’s unique location means that extended times in heavy traffic are reduced to a bare minimum, leaving you with more time for quality social and family time.

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